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Legaltech Hub (LTH) is a resource that combines the most comprehensive global legaltech directory with a powerful search, providing a unified resource forfinding the right legaltech tools, events, consultants, awards and more, no matterwhere in the world you are.

Launched in October of 2020, LTH started with a directory of tools. The events directory was added in February of 2021. Directories of consultants, awards and courses are being developed. Premium features including easy tool compare and reviews are on the roadmap. As of February 2021, LTH lists 1700+ tools and 80+ events, making us by far the most comprehensive directory available to the commercial legal market.

Our full database of tools is regularly vetted to ensure that all are operational. Tools that are found to be no longer operational are moved to our Graveyard page, and acquired tools are moved to our Consolidation page.

We welcome you to reach out to either of our co-founders:

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Legaltech Hub actively seeks collaboration opportunities and partnerships with global associations that share our values of supporting positive change in the legal industry.

We are pleased to recognize the following entities as our ecosystem partners.